Understanding Windows 10 Privacy Issues

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Understanding and Dealing with the Windows 10 Privacy Issue
Original release date: September 14, 2015

There is no doubt that a system with the default settings in Windows 10 sends out a constant stream of information to Microsoft. Even if you disable the raft of privacy settings pointed out in a previous article, it seems there is still information flowing out to Microsoft servers. Reactions to this monitoring vary widely. Some people are more than a little disturbed by what they see as intrusive Microsoft spying. Others are blasé, accepting this sort of thing as standard procedure on the Internet. Whatever your feelings may be, it is worth understanding the issues and knowing what security measures are available. Here is a collection of essential information that will help you understand the processes involved and what can be done to protect your privacy.

1. Microsoft Privacy Statement

This is the company statement of Microsoft’s privacy policies. Among many things, it says, “And we use data to help make the ads we show you more relevant to you.”

2. Windows 10 feedback, diagnostics, and privacy: FAQ

Some information about the information sent by the Windows 10 diagnostics function. As far as I can tell, this function cannot be totally turned off.

3. Windows 10 privacy FAQs

A collection of additional FAQs on various Windows 10 privacy settings.

4. Even when told not to, Windows 10 just can’t stop talking to Microsoft

Peter Bright’s analysis of the Internet traffic between Windows 10 and Microsoft. He notes that disabling the Windows 10 privacy settings still allows information to be sent to Microsoft.

5. All you need to know about privacy and settings in Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge

Windows Central survey of the privacy settings in Windows 10 and the Edge browser.

6. What Windows 10’s “Privacy Nightmare” Settings Actually Do

Lifehacker survey of the functions of the various Windows 10 privacy settings.

7. 30 Ways Your Windows 10 Computer Phones Home to Microsoft

Detailed analysis of how Windows 10 sends information to Microsoft.

8. Windows 10 Tips, Tricks and Tools to enhance your privacy

Bleeping Computer forum thread on some possible ways to increase privacy.

9. 6 free tools that stop Windows 10 from spying on everything you do

A list of freeware to help with the privacy settings in Windows 10. This reference is for information only and does not constitute a recommendation by Gizmo. Use of any of this freeware is at your own risk. Personally, I prefer to configure all my security settings manually.

10. Thread on privacy in Windows 10

Very informative discussion in Gizmo’s Freeware Forum. Worth reading by anyone concerned about privacy in Windows 10. The present article is based to a large extent on information found there.

11. (Added later) Comparison of Windows 10 Privacy tools

Survey at gHacks of seven different privacy tools.

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