Scams and Scammers – Phones

Article (PSA-0025)
Submitted by: Billy Joe Long
Company: PSA Computer Services
Titled: Scams and Scammers – Part 2 (Phones)

There are many types of scams and scammers you may encounter throughout your life. In the last article we talked a little bit about “Browser Hijacks” and what you can do when it happens to you. In this article we will address “Phone Scams” and in the next article we will cover email scams, better known as “phishing” emails.

In the world of scams and scammers, your personal information is the prize. Whether its your identity, bank account number or credit card number – they want it. The scammers’ intent is to sell your stolen information for money, extort you for money or steal your money directly from your accounts.

On the phone they will sound professional, helpful, kind and courteous. But their is nothing respectable about them. They are thieves pure and simple. For them the “Ends Justify the Means”. You are simply the next revenue stream to them.

You may be thinking all of this sounds rather harsh – knowledge can be powerful. You need to know what you’re up against. The solution to avoid getting scammed is going to sound rude, because you are going to need to be rude. Here is the big solution … hang up on them! Don’t engage in conversation. Once you realize that the caller is pumping you for information or attempting to get you to “go to their website” – hang up. The longer you stay on the line with them, the greater the risk. If they call you back repeatedly, hang up repeatedly. These people get paid when they talk you into giving something to them, and they can be very good at their jobs.

Microsoft is not going to call you about your computer or laptop. The bank is not going to call you to verify your account number or passwords and the state or federal government is not going to call you to verify your social security number. If your unsure whether the caller is valid, simply hang up. Then look up an official number for the organization or business and call them directly to inquire if they were trying to contact you. That’s it. Pretty simple right?

In this article we talked about phone scams, which are very easy to deal with, once you know what you’re up against. In the next article we’ll discuss email scams and what you can do to protect yourself from them.

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